Joe Rogan Slams Jill Biden, Claims President ‘Not Making All Decisions’

After First Lady Jill Biden defended her husband’s poor performance in the first presidential debate, Joe Rogan turned his attention to her.

In the first debate leading up to the election in November, President Joe Biden faced up against Former President Donald Trump. His disastrous performance has, however, led others to suggest that he should stand aside so that another Democrat might get the party’s candidacy.

Biden’s staff informed media outlets that he had a cold, which explains how poorly he did.

In an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan and comedian Jimmy Dore discussed Biden’s potential non-running in the next election.

According to Rogan, Joe Biden clearly has someone telling him what to say and making choices for him. He pointed out that Biden reads the conclusion of the remark off a teleprompter instead of quietly following the cue.  The popular podcaster went on to say that Biden’s wife and members of his staff are opposed to his being removed from the White House.

Jill Biden said during an interview after the debate that Biden was smarter than he has ever been.   

Jimmy Dore made fun of the First Lady for joining Joe Biden on stage to congratulate him on his performance at the debate. The men implied that she was not looking out for her spouse’s best interests by continuing to back his presidential campaign. Dore stated that Jill spoke to Biden as if he was a toddler. Rogan thought what she did was insane.

After the show, Rogan continued criticizing the President on social media. He showed a headline from the New York Times, which claimed that in the case of Joe Biden, what looks like old age may actually be “Style.”  

Rogan sarcastically wrote, “Oh. OK. I feel better now.”    

In the article, AO Scott argued that what seems like cognitive decline in Biden is really a late style, similar to how certain artists experience a new and unique creative phase towards the conclusion of their careers.  Martin Scorsese, Henry James, Richard Wagner,  and Ludwig van Beethoven are among the people mentioned by Scott as having created a string of masterworks that both live up to and beyond the expectations set by their previous work.