Joe Rogan Says Mainstream Media “Has Lost Its Hold”

( On Tuesday, podcaster Joe Rogan railed against the corporate news media for leaving out any news that does not conform to its narrative and took a blow torch to the far-Left’s push for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

During Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Rogan suggested that the media has “lost its hold” on the narrative and is leaving out stories that it doesn’t want the public to hear about or discuss.

As an example, Rogan cited the ongoing anti-pension reform protests in France which he said have “nine million people” “up in arms” in the streets. But instead of reporting on France, the media continues to peddle stories about the January 6 riot now that Donald Trump is running for president.

Rogan also pointed out that the media refuses to report on President Biden’s frequent gaffes and stumbles, saying that Biden “can’t form a f*cking sentence.”

He also hammered the government for trying to censor people on Twitter who criticize their woke agenda, like having the FBI tell Twitter to suspend users who say things that oppose the government.

Rogan suggested that this kind of authoritarian control from a government is “natural” and said that the Founders put a system in place that would “mitigate that.”

But over time, “corrupt sh*theads” have chipped away at what the Founders put in place and have tried to convince the American people that freedom is no longer what is important. Instead, what’s important is diversity, equity, and inclusion, Rogan explained.

Calling the Left a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Rogan said that it is the wolf that is in control of the people, trying to force them to “bend” to the Left’s “ideological will.” He explained that diversity, equity, and inclusion are the way the Left is doing that.