Joe Biden Is Just A “Part Time” President

According to 19FortyFive, to improve the standard of living for all Americans, socialists like Bernie Sanders advocate a 32-hour work week. President Joe Biden, meantime, has been putting in close to 30-hour weeks for quite some time.

Even if this may free up some of his time, the President will still need to put in more than thirty hours a week in preparation for and execution of the campaign. 

Can someone in his senior years withstand the time demands and pressure? 

While campaigning for votes and contributions aboard Air Force One, he will need to be at the apex of his game. Luckily, the bedroom on board the Presidential jet is perfect for Biden to take naps.

According to reports, the president’s administration is forced to schedule Biden’s public speaking appearance responsibilities so that he can rest. He likes to have his mornings, evenings, and weekends to himself. According to a report, the president seldom makes public appearances outside of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

The number of press briefings held by  Biden has come under fire. Moreover, he is notoriously unapproachable at public gatherings. 

In contrast, before entering the Presidential helicopter Marine One, former President Donald Trump often answered questions from reporters.

In interviews, Biden has disputed that his old age is an issue.

According to a report, out of his 589 days in office, 234 were spent on weekend trips and vacations, the majority of which were spent at his residences in Rehoboth Beach and Wilmington, Delaware.

Meanwhile, others who want open government are alarmed by Vice President Biden’s refusal to share visitor records for government buildings apart from the White House, arguing that this betrays a lack of transparency.

Visitor records reveal that during Joe Biden’s tenure as vice president, Hunter Biden’s business partner Eric Schwerin made at least 19 trips to the White House and Vice President’s house, calling into question the veracity of Biden’s assertions that he was uninformed of his son’s business dealings.