Jimmy Kimmel “Fact-Check” on Robert Kennedy Jr Leads To Online Embarrassment

After attempting a dunk on Democratic presidential contender Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., the chronically unfunny dolt, late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel got schooled on basic math.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is challenging Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination in 2024, has been running on an anti-establishment platform, attacking the president for the harm caused by his policies on the coronavirus and vaccines. 

The environmental lawyer-turned-candidate had tweeted many times about the superiority of exercise over medication. Kennedy’s shirtless appearance at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, California, went viral.

RFK Jr. said that if elected president, he would make the United States again a model for health and prosperity worldwide. He said he would continue to walk the walk and lead by example.

The candidate went on to say that during the Covid lockdowns, Americans put on an average of 29 pounds and said he plans to help reverse the trend by urging locals to get more exercise, improve their diets, and strengthen their immune systems in preparation for the elimination of hazardous chemicals from our food.

Kimmel responded to the post by tweeting, “Wow! We each gained 29 pounds? That sounds like nonsense.”

Kimmel then implied Kennedy was as silly as Borat.

Later, a Twitter fact-check noted that, on average, Americans acquired around 29 pounds of unwanted weight due to the lockdowns (affecting about 42% of the population). 

Social media users panned Kimmel and “ratioed” him for allegedly being ignorant of the meaning of the word “average.”

Others, presumably satisfied with the confirmation of their preconceived notions of Kimmel’s IQ, criticized his effort to make a joke that fell flat.

Radio anchor Larry O’Connor remarked (in reference to the writer’s strike), “You need your writers back…this is terrible.”

Kimmel famously challenged Ted Cruz to a one-on-one basketball game. 

Kimmel lost.