Jill Biden Brings Back “Eggucation” Theme For Easter

According to a report, the yearly Easter Egg Roll held on the White House grounds is about more than simply rolling hard-boiled eggs to a finish line.

First Lady Jill Biden is again making the yearly event educational. The White House said on Thursday that they would be setting up several locations on the South Lawn and Ellipse to assist in educating thousands of youngsters on topics like farming, healthy eating, exercise, and more.

NASA transported an Easter egg made of wood from the White House as a memento to the International Space Station so that astronauts there may use it to educate kids about gravity in honor of Vice President Biden’s “EGGucation” initiative.

The majority of the estimated 30,000 attendees will be youngsters, and they will arrive in nine separate groups beginning at 7 a.m. and ending at 7 p.m.

President Biden and First Lady will host their second annual egg roll on Monday. In 2021, the celebration was postponed due to the widespread of the COVID-19 virus.

The price of eggs rocketed upward last year due to many factors, including inflation, the spread of avian flu, and high demand during the Christmas baking season.

The report reveals that after being used for customary activities, the hard-boiled eggs will be composted and spread over Maryland, D.C., and Virginia to enrich gardens and parklands.

Last year,  President Biden was responding to an inquiry on the White House grounds, but he was interrupted by a staff member costumed as the Easter Bunny.

After starting to answer a reporter’s question, the Easter Bunny interrupted him as he hosted the Easter Egg Roll at the White House.

Biden seemed startled, then annoyed, as he backed away from the bunny.

Evidently, Biden was required to blow a whistle and start a new session of the egg-rolling contest, so the rabbit waved its plush paws excitedly and escorted him away.

Several senior journalists remarked that Biden’s habit of blaming unnamed subordinates for his failure to address journalists’ queries is to the president’s political detriment.