Jan 6. Rioter’s Sentence Is Quadrupled By Judge

Following his evasion of court appearances, insults directed at a prosecutor, and verbal assault on the judge who handed down his sentence, a New York massage therapy practitioner was handed a three-month jail term on Tuesday.

According to reports, the therapist had entered the U.S. Capitol with protestors who supported Trump. Despite pleading guilty to a misdemeanor count connected to the Jan. 6 rebellion in February, Frank Giustino was detained last month for missing a previously set sentencing hearing.

U.S. District Judge James Boasberg chastised Giustino on Tuesday for showing neither remorse nor respect for the country’s authority.

Giustino said he opposed the rioting and did not intend to be disrespectful; he simply wanted to go home.

But now, Giustino will spend two extra months in jail with a 30-day credit for his period of detention awaiting punishment.

Prosecutors suggested four months in jail. The massage therapist defied a June 23 court appearance, so they asked for a heavier sentence than the original 21 days.

Giustino called his case an absolute clown show. He then referenced the “sovereign citizen” movement’s belief that the U.S. government is wholly illegitimate and told the judge he should issue an arrest warrant against him after the judge threatened Giustino with arrest for his misbehavior.

The US Capitol’s entryway was the site of the demonstrations on January 6, and this past weekend, fresh footage from those events was finally made public.

Footage from the riot extensively shared on social media shows police officers brutally slapping and punching an elderly man who seemed to be stuck in a doorway between the police and demonstrators. The video had 1.2 million views on Twitter.

Joining Chris Salcedo on Newsmax, Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA) discussed the ‘federal operation’ on January 6, 2021, and spoke about the presence of “at least 200” FBI operatives masquerading as Trump supporters.

Higgins explained that operatives, or what the FBI would term “human assets,” were inside the Capitol disguised as supporters of Trump before doors opened. More than 200 operatives were likely planted throughout the crowd on January 6.

In addition, Higgins noted the FBI had infiltrated social media accounts, chat rooms, and websites throughout the nation to monitor any organization advocating resistance to COVID-19 mandates. Infiltration into various groups by the FBI was successful.