Israel Government Slams Gigi Hadid For Comments On War

The Israeli government’s official Instagram account responded to a post by model Gigi Hadid regarding the recent Israel-Hamas conflict.

With Palestinian roots, Gigi Hadid shared a graphic on her Instagram that stated: “The Israeli government’s actions towards Palestinians are not reflective of Jewish values. Criticizing the Israeli government isn’t antisemitism, and supporting Palestinians doesn’t equate to backing Hamas. “Variety reported her remarks.

In response, the State of Israel posted on Instagram: “Were you unaware of the recent events? Or are you overlooking the harm to Jewish individuals? Your stance seems clear to us.”
The Israeli government’s post also countered Hadid’s graphic with one of their own: “Hamas’ actions against Israelis are not heroic. Criticizing Hamas isn’t an attack on Palestine, and supporting Israelis in their defense against terrorists is justifiable.”

The Israeli government’s post included an image of a scene with children’s toys amidst signs of violence, captioned to Hadid with: “If you don’t denounce this, your stance is empty.”
This interaction follows a post from Bella Hadid, Gigi’s younger sister and model, expressing her views on the conflict.

Hamas, the governing body of Gaza known for its militant activities, initiated a significant attack on Israel on October 7. The strike, targeting a music festival and border communities, killed over 1,400 individuals. Israel’s subsequent airstrikes led to additional casualties, with a substantial number being Palestinian civilians, as reported by Gaza authorities.

In her statement, Bella Hadid conveyed: “I’m deeply affected by the tragic events and the loss of innocent lives in this conflict, many of whom are children. My empathy lies with the Palestinians and their challenges. However, I wish to clarify that my aspirations for the Palestinians do not involve harming Jewish individuals. Acts of terror against civilians don’t further the ‘Free Palestine’ cause.”

She added, “Regardless of nationality, faith, ethnicity, or birthplace, everyone deserves fundamental rights and safety. My words might not bridge the divide, but my heart hopes for the well-being of all innocent lives.”