Israel Captures Hamas HQ

Israel has secured a significant victory in its war with Hamas by capturing the terror group’s intelligence and military headquarters. Soldiers from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) shared photos on social media and said troops from the IDF’s 7th Brigade and Golani Brigade had taken control of “government institutions that Hamas had used for military purposes.”

The captured buildings were utilized as training camps, interrogation and detention facilities, as well as weapons storage, according to the IDF. It furthermore stated that the training camps were used to prepare Hamas terrorists for its surprise attack on Israeli civilians on October 7.

The IDF’s 162nd Division announced it has also taken command of the Gaza parliament building and the al-Shati refugee camp after defeating some 200 Hamas fighters in four separate clashes in the camp. Israel says the area, which was home to 150,000 people before the war, is a central hub with “many forces of Hamas concentrated there.”

Meanwhile, Israel agreed to a four-day ceasefire on November 21 to allow the release of 50 hostages kidnapped by Hamas on October 7. Israel will release 150 Palestinian prisoners from its jails in exchange. Among the freed hostages will be three Americans, including a 3-year-old child.

President Biden welcomed the deal and thanked Egypt and Qatar for acting as intermediaries between the warring sides. Biden said he would not stop until all Americans are freed by Hamas and repeated his call for “humanitarian assistance to alleviate the suffering of innocent Palestinian families in Gaza.”

A Hamas statement confirmed the deal and said it would allow humanitarian deliveries, halt Israeli attacks in the south of Gaza, and limit hostilities in the north to six hours per day.

The Israeli government affirmed its commitment to releasing hostages and stated that every ten people freed would result in a further day’s respite from fighting. It added, however, that the ceasefire does “not mean an end to the military campaign.”