iPhones Now Have ‘Pronoun’ Option In Contacts

Outrage among iPhone users has been triggered by Apple’s latest ‘woke’ update–

a function that adds pronouns to contacts has infuriated consumers.

A new field for pronouns in the Contacts app, which is part of iOS 17, is included in the update. Critics have taken to social media in droves, claiming the function is pointless and a useless update. Even more alarmingly, some commentators have threatened to ignore any calls made by users of the new function.

But there seems to be some misunderstanding on this issue because the update lets users add pronouns to other people’s contacts instead of their own. Although users have the ability to personalize their contact cards with pronouns, the default setting does not allow them to share this information. As a result, the user’s pronouns would not be shown unless they explicitly requested them.

Many X commentators have said this update has finally pushed them over the edge, and they are contemplating ditching Apple altogether.

One irate social media user said everyone needs to get rid of Apple, asking why the tech company was promoting this.  The user said they had no friends with “pronouns.”

“Who wants to buy my iPhone 14?” another person joked.

Including woke features in upgrades is nothing new for Apple; the company has already sparked controversy in the past. Users were furious last year when the business introduced a “clean energy charging” feature that reduces charging speed in the absence of sustainable energy.

The addition was part of a suite of upgrades to Apple’s Contacts app that also included the development of NameDrop, a function that allowed users to exchange contact details via iPhone swiftly.

It is believed that including the pronoun feature would further enhance the functionality of bilingual applications by enabling users to input their pronouns in many languages.

This will guarantee that the apps correctly show other languages using accurate grammar.