Indiana Wedding Descends Into Chaos, Groom Sent to Jail

Tragically, the groom and a guest at an Indiana wedding were arrested after what should have been one of the most joyous days of the couple’s lives was marred by an alleged gunshot at the reception.

On May 18th, only hours after his wedding celebration had begun, Corey Parker was apprehended outside Salem’s Cornerstone Hall on charges of violence and criminal negligence with a lethal weapon.

Although touted as a wedding celebration, based on marriage papers, Parker and his spouse had been legally married since 2022.

A woman called the Indiana State Police at the wedding reception, claiming that Mr. Parker had shot her boyfriend during an argument with another man named Jonathon Goff. The woman told the police that she believed it had been an accidental shooting due to her intoxication, according to court documents obtained by the outlet.

The groom and another guy were arrested after the ill-fated Indiana wedding, while a third man spent the night in the hospital after being shot in the hand.

According to Parker’s account to the police, the incident began when his bride, Bethany, departed the wedding site to return to the Cobblestone Hotel with Morgan, Goff’s wife.

Parker details the argument that breaks out between Goff and his wife after he is accused of flirting with Patrick McIntosh’s wife.

Parker and Goff got into a fistfight in the parking lot right before he was going to depart.

As Parker sat in his car, Goff made an aggressive approach. According to Parker, he believed Goff was reaching for his revolver in the middle console of the vehicle.

The revolver went off unexpectedly, hitting McIntosh in the hand, as both men clung to it during the fight. He escaped with minor injuries.

Both the careless shooting and the assault of Goff are allegations against Parker, who has maintained his innocence.

Upon their arrest, the two males were transported to the Washington County Jail.

Criminal carelessness with a dangerous weapon and battery are the new accusations against Parker. 

After entering a not-guilty plea, Parker was freed from jail on a $3,000 bail.

Similar accusations of criminal irresponsibility and violence led to Goff’s detention as well. A $3,000 cash bond was also issued to him after he entered a not-guilty plea.

The two’s trial is scheduled for September, but they are required to return to court next month.