Iconic Disney Show Facing Cancellation

According to a report, Disney should have learned from its mistakes after all the wokeness-related fiascoes and would instead be producing high-quality family entertainment again.  

But it appears that Disney hasn’t learned from its mistakes. 

Outkick reports that the first season of “National Treasure: Edge of History,” a reworking of the successful “National Treasure” films from the 2000s, has been canceled.

In the first two films of the “National Treasure” franchise, treasure hunter Benjamin Gates used clues left to him by his forefathers to unearth artifacts from significant events in American history, such as the Revolutionary War.  It was a lighthearted, patriotic series that honored America’s past and the people who made it what it is today.

However, none of that material made it into the Disney Plus remake. Instead, it chronicles the exploits of an illegal alien worker who lives in constant dread of being deported if she so much as speaks to the police.

According to an entertainment report, the protagonist is a DREAMer called Jess who, in order to learn the truth about her family, risks everything to protect a priceless piece of Pan-American history.

The situation is rather apparent at this point. The creators chose to transform a well-liked and patriotic TV show into a more politically correct version. Very few people were interested.

A report reveals two of last year’s three greatest box office bombs were animated Disney features, Strange World and “Lightyear” (a reworking of Toy Story). Both films catered to the woke agenda in various ways.

In light of these developments, it’s no surprise that Disney is falling behind rivals like Illumination, whose “Super Mario Brothers” film recently broke the record for the best opening weekend of all time at the box office for an animated picture.

According to an animation fan site, Star Wars is no longer the undisputed ruler of the pop cultural realm, a position it held for more than four decades. 

Since Disney manhandled the brand, it has lacked focus and direction, and gloom has permeated the whole series.