Huge US Company Targeted In Cyber Security Incident

A computer breach compromised the online order fulfillment capabilities of VF Corp., the parent firm of well-known brands such as Supreme, Vans, and The North Face.

According to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, a threat actor recently encrypted portions of the apparel company’s IT systems, causing online order fulfillment and other operational problems.

VF Corp. is trying to restore the affected areas of its information technology systems and find solutions for specific offline processes to minimize the effect on its capacity to cater to its wholesale, retail, and brand e-commerce clients.

The North Face and Vans owners VF firm is the first firm to declare a significant security concern after being attacked by ransomware, in compliance with new SEC standards that went into effect today. In response to a threat actor disrupting business operations by encrypting specific IT systems and stealing data from the corporation, including personal data, the Timberland-owning corporation reportedly shut down “certain systems” and activated its incident response strategy, as stated in an SEC filing.

As of September, VF Corp. operated over 1,200 retail locations. Timberland, Dickies, and JanSport are some of its other brands. After discovering unauthorized events on several of its IT systems on December 13, VF Corp. “immediately” set out to contain, analyze, and fix the problem, which caused interruptions to the company’s operations.

Cybercriminals also targeted MGM Resorts, Caesars Entertainment, and Clorox this year.

In the last two days, three prominent companies—MongoDB Inc., VF Corp. (owner of North Face and Vans), and Mr. Cooper Group Inc.—have all acknowledged being hacked.

The initial intrusion that affected MongoDB disclosed client data by compromising its corporate systems. From what we can see, the Mr. Cooper hack—once known as Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc.—was the biggest of the three.

Approximately 14.7 million current and previous consumers have been impacted by the attack.