Home Invading Bear Captured After Year Of Destruction

Officials in California have found and detained “Hank the Tank,” a bear they believe is responsible for a series of home invasions. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) captured the enormous female on August 4, along with three of her cubs. They say she is responsible for two dozen home break-ins in the Lake Tahoe area since last February. The large black bear has been relocated to the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Springfield, Colorado.

“Hank the Tank,” who was given her nickname because of her enormous size, is well known to residents of the Lake Tahoe area and online. She became an internet celebrity when news of her break-ins spread through the region and stories were posted on social media. Such was her fame, that some residents called for her to be featured on the Californian flag, even though Hank was so troublesome that the police were forced to ask residents to stop calling about her shenanigans.

However, she was causing some serious damage to homes and had a tracking device attached to her last year, but she managed to shed it. Her DNA confirmed her presence at various sites, and officials are confident she is the main culprit in the vandalism spree.

On social media, Colorado Governor Jared Polis welcomed the bear to the Centennial State. “We welcome “Hank the Tank” (turned out to be Henrietta the Tank) to Colorado!” he tweeted.

Following concerns from Twitter users that Hank would now be constrained and denied her freedom, the Colorado Wildlife Sanctuary responded, saying she would be held in a 230-acre habitat that is not open to the public, and she will be given “the best care possible.”

Bear break-ins are not unheard of in the US. Last year, a black bear decided to move in with a Connecticut family. The beast would open the front door, let itself in, rummage through the family’s refrigerator, and relax in the living room. The animal also made itself at home in several other residences throughout the West Hartford neighborhood.