Hawaiian Deadly Wildfire Death Roll Increases to 102 

Since early 2021 and the beginning of the 46th president of the United States Joe Biden’s term of service, America has experienced serious economic and political problems that have been largely exacerbated by the incompetent leadership of the president. Indeed, at the southern border alone Joe Biden has allowed for over 5 million (and probably more) illegal migrants to enter the country in just 3 years and tens of thousands continue to enter on a daily basis. The president and the federal bureaucracy remain unable or unwilling to address the issue and the crisis continues.

Economically, early in his term Biden promoted massive spending packages championed by Congressional Democrats and establishment Republicans alike in the nation’s legislative branch of the federal government. Trillions of dollars of new spending was authorized by Congress and the president, and what has resulted has been rampant levels of record inflation that has crippled the already shrinking and demoralized middle and working classes of the union. Home ownership is now unaffordable for families making the median income of $70,000 a year in 99% of the nation as housing prices have skyrocketed.

Natural disasters also continue to plague the nation regularly. Last summer, on the island of Maui, Hawaii, a major wildfire occurred, and many people lost their lives and property. As time goes on, the residents on Maui are attempting to rebuild and recover, but unfortunately the region remains in a beleaguered, troubled state. As the calendar continues to progress and America moves closer to the official one year anniversary of the occurrence of the fires, the death toll continues to keep rising. A recent article by ABC news has detailed this. 102 people are now confirmed as having perished from the fires. The Honolulu Medical office reported the death of a 68 year old woman who endured burns in the blaze. The fire was the deadliest and worst American occurrence in over a century.