Gun-Wielding EMTs Thwart Attacker With Ax

A group of emergency workers in Kentucky subdued a woman at gunpoint after she allegedly attacked a man with an axe before smashing the glass door of the emergency service station in the city of Olive Hill in Carter County, the New York Post reported.

According to the Olive Hill Police Department, 44-year-old Kellie Boggs, from the neighboring town of Grayson, was arrested on November 24 for allegedly attacking an unidentified male with an axe at around 1:00 a.m.

WSAZ reported that the victim, who sustained serious injuries to his face, was later found in a ditch behind the Carter County EMS west base station.

According to police, after Boggs attacked the man, she went to the EMS station and smashed the glass door with her axe.

A group of emergency workers asleep inside the station heard the ruckus and snapped into action to subdue the woman and then held her at gunpoint while the police were notified, according to WSAZ.

Olive Hill Police charged Boggs with assault and criminal mischief. She was taken to Carter County Detention Center.

The unnamed victim was transported to a nearby hospital where he was being treated for serious injuries.

It is unclear whether Boggs has been arraigned or if bail has been set in the case. Fox News Digital last Sunday contacted the Olive Hill Police Department for an update on the case. However, the police did not respond to the request, Fox reported.