Granger Smith Steps Away From Music To Pursue Christian Ministry

A report shows that country artist Granger Smith snapped a “keepsake” picture with fans during his last concert and revealed why he quit music for Christian ministry.

The artist, now 43 years old, shared a photo he shot via his social media profile as a memento from his last concert tour. He said having that job for a long time was an honor.

He said he couldn’t call this retirement because that would be permanent. It’s also not due to sadness, exhaustion, illness, or loss. He said it was the happiest and most liberated period of his life thus far.

He specifically said he didn’t want to have his name proclaimed but rather to preach the word of Christ. The one who removed his remorse and sins and cleansed him. His new heart came from that person. He wants His name to be well-known, and he wants to learn more about Him. Because of this, He has decided to stop his concert tours.

Smith said he looked forward to seeing his fans on a different type of stage very soon.

According to his website, Granger Smith has created a vast and devoted fan base, affectionately dubbed “Yee Yee Nation,” throughout his career because of his constant traveling and enthusiastic grassroots support from his fans. Over a billion people have seen his videos online, and he has over 12 million followers on social media.

Smith explained that he has longed for a renewed sense of meaning for some time. He is pursuing a master’s degree in theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to fully commit to his beliefs. Smith’s friends and family urged him to use music to spread his beliefs, but he wasn’t satisfied with that approach.

After his son River, age 3, tragically drowned in the family’s Texas pool in 2019, Smith dedicated his farewell tour, “Like a River,” to his memory.

In April, Smith announced the August 1 publishing date for his book, Like a River. His ups and downs of grief after River’s passing will be chronicled.