Government Throws Away Millions Of Dollars Worth Of Vaccines

The European Union (EU) has destroyed 215 million expired mRNA injection doses, costing billions to taxpayers.

People are no longer inclined to take the boosters. Therefore, governments have been compelled to throw them away, according to blogger Peter Sweden.

The European Union purchased large amounts of the novel mRNA injections, the safety of which reportedly has not been studied.

Reports show that some EU member states have demanded that deals with the pharmaceutical behemoths be changed in response to the European Commission’s Ursula von der Leyen’s excessive procurement of COVID-19 vaccines during the pandemic.

They requested an unprecedented 4.2 billion vaccine doses to provide every EU person nine shots.

Fifteen of the EU’s member states shared their statistics, which reveal that, on average, each individual has discarded at least 0.7 dosages. Extrapolating this figure to the EU would result in the wastage of 312 million doses, or almost €5.8 billion, of taxpayer funds.

Germany has already discarded 83 million vaccine doses, but they announced several weeks ago that they had 120 million doses in store that were due to expire in early 2024.

After Poland and Hungary declined further vaccinations, pharmaceutical company Pfizer sued them for failing to pay for a massive quantity of doses.

A document released to the media on December 5th discloses that Pfizer, a U.S. pharmaceutical company, and BioNTech, a German partner, have a pending lawsuit against Hungary. The action is based on the country’s unwillingness to pay for millions of superfluous COVID vaccinations that the European Union purchased during the epidemic.

The only difference between this case and the one against Poland is the amount at stake. Poland rejected 60 million vaccine doses, or around €1.2 billion. Warsaw claimed force majeure in April 2022, saying that the burden on the Polish budget grew because of the flood of Ukrainian migrants.

Law enforcement officials in Romania are considering filing charges against the country’s former ministers of health and prime minister, claiming the state lost a ton of money because they purchased too many vaccinations.

The European Union and Pfizer have a deal that states member states will continue to purchase increasing quantities of vaccines until 2027.