GOP Senator Marco Rubio Introduces Bill on Chinese Corruption

Republican Senator Marco Rubio has introduced a new bill to the United States Senate that is supposed to reveal the corruption of the Chinese Communist government. Rumors and conspiracies of the Communist Country using popular social media apps like TikTok to access American users’ information have been circulating the country for a few years now.

Rubio’s new bill is titled the Confrotning CCP Malign Influence Act of 2024. The new bill would mainly require the Director Of National Intelligence to make a report on the corrupt activities within the leadership of China’s Communist Party. The new act would also report on the wealth of the Communist leaders. These reports would be made available to the public to make the public aware of such activities and the CCP. 

In a statement regarding the new bill, Rubio claimed that the nation’s greatest adversary is the Communist Party of China and that the American people need to realize the “complex reality” that a country like China would impose on America. Rubio continued by stating that the threat could come from China through either economic, social, or military coercion. Rubio finalized his statements with the claim that Americans are witnessing China’s displacement of America as the world’s superpower. 

If the bill is passed, it would be required that no later than 90 days after signing the Director of National Intelligence write up an unclassified report on the corrupt activities of the CCP, including its senior leadership of the Central Committee, Politburo Standing Committee, and all other regional secretaries. Within 180 days of signing, the bill would require the Director of National Intelligence to appear in front of the Permanent Select Committee on the Intelligence of the U.S. House of Representatives to present testimonies in open hearings regarding the discoveries within the corruptness of the CCP.

In a further statement, Rubio expressed his bill was to hold the CCP accountable for its currency manipulation.