GOP Rep. Blasts News Anchor For Denying Biden Corruption

During a recent episode of ABC News’ “This Week,” Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) challenged anchor Jonathan Karl for suggesting that there is “no evidence” backing an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

When Karl quizzed Mace regarding Rep. Ken Buck’s (R-Colo.) criticism of the inquiry, she was swift in setting aside her peer’s reservations. Mace emphasized that evidence supporting the investigation is abundant and widely accessible.

Mace detailed, “The evidence includes text messages, emails, witness accounts, whistleblower testimonies, recorded meetings, phone calls, and dinners. You can’t ignore the initial signs of a possible issue and not investigate further.”

She continued, “This inquiry gives us broader authority to subpoena. I’m interested in accessing Joe Biden’s bank statements. All evidence should be examined to validate the claims in the reports. We’re addressing a considerable amount of money and potential bribery. The Constitution — specifically Article II, Section 4 — outlines these as grounds for impeachment.”

Karl maintained his stance, asserting there was “no evidence” regarding the claims. Mace countered him, pointing out the FBI’s FD-1023 form and other evidence.

Karl reiterated, “There’s no evidence directly linking Biden.”

Mace expressed her disbelief at Karl’s assertions, especially given he didn’t challenge her specific claims. She highlighted the media’s historic role in holding politicians accountable, referencing its crucial role during the Nixon era.

Mace remarked, “Media played a pivotal role during Nixon’s scandal. Journalists collaborated in the investigation, ensuring the president faced consequences for his actions. Yet now, there seems to be a reluctance to acknowledge the available evidence.”

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has consistently emphasized that the impeachment inquiry grants Congress increased authority to investigate potential misconduct, potentially benefiting Biden’s family. While the inquiry might not culminate in an impeachment trial, it enables lawmakers to delve deeper into the preliminary evidence Mace highlighted.

Notably, Karl’s comments on the absence of evidence against Biden followed after the White House issued guidelines to the media, suggesting they underplay the evidence gathered up to this point.