Giuliani Sues Biden Over Claims That He Was ‘Russian Pawn’

On Wednesday, Rudy Giuliani initiated legal proceedings against President Biden, accusing him of defamatory remarks during a 2020 presidential debate wherein Biden referred to Giuliani, the erstwhile New York City mayor, as a “Russian pawn.”

The lawsuit, which spanned 16 pages and was lodged in a New Hampshire court, implicates Biden, his electoral campaign, and some fundraising entities. Its primary focus is on Biden’s statements during his last debate with ex-President Trump on October 22, 2020.

In one segment, discussing the issue of foreign intervention in elections, Biden, after some initial reluctance, alluded to Giuliani. “His close associate, Rudy Giuliani,” Biden proceeded, “is essentially a puppet for the Russians. He’s receiving misinformation from them – information that’s baseless.”

Giuliani’s legal action asserts that this commentary wrongly portrayed him as dishonest in front of the nation.

In another debate segment, after Trump brought up the controversial topic of Hunter Biden’s laptop, Biden felt the need to defend his son. He cited the opinion of 50 former intelligence professionals, hinting that the allegations against him had the hallmarks of a Russian propaganda effort.

“They have uniformly expressed — including several former CIA chiefs from both political sides — that these allegations are baseless. The only ones advocating this narrative are him [Trump] and his ally, Rudy Giuliani,” Biden emphasized.

Notably, Giuliani played a role in publicizing the contents of this laptop, sourced from a Delaware computer service store, in the lead-up to the 2020 elections.

Giuliani has consistently maintained that the laptop housed incriminating details about Hunter Biden, suggesting potential implications for his father.

A key point in Biden’s debate was referencing a letter by 50 intelligence veterans cautioning about the laptop tale resembling a Russian misinformation campaign.

The lawsuit alleges, “Defendant Biden was fully aware that his statements about the laptop and implying that Plaintiff was dishonest were unfounded. Yet, he persisted.”

While Hunter Biden hasn’t confirmed the veracity of all the laptop’s content, he has admitted that some data belongs to him. He also recently initiated a lawsuit against Giuliani.

In this legal complaint, Giuliani levels multiple charges against President Biden and his political affiliates, including defamation, libel, and false portrayal, seeking unspecified damages and demanding a public retraction from Biden.

This legal move by Giuliani is concurrent with his legal dilemmas. He’s currently entangled in a case in Georgia related to election interference and other civil litigations. Despite his challenges, including a substantial legal bill and a defamation case in Georgia, Giuliani maintains his innocence.