George Santos Is Running Against All Odds

On Monday, scandal-plagued New York Republican Congressman George Santos officially launched his bid for reelection despite facing multiple investigations into his campaign finances and false claims during the 2022 midterm elections, ABC News reported.

In a press release announcing his 2024 campaign, Santos described himself as a fighter for New York District 3, boasting that as a child of immigrants, he is “no stranger to the issues affecting my district.”

Citing the left’s radical agenda and the floundering economy, Santos said the district needs a “fighter” who “can serve the people fearlessly” and is “independent of local or national party influence.”

Santos was one of four Republican House candidates to flip a New York District from blue to red.

While the other three seats currently held by Republican Congressmen Anthony D’Esposito, Mike Lawler, and Marc Molinaro are considered “toss-up” seats, Santos’ District 3 is predicted to lean Democrat, according to Cook Politico Report.

His shaky ground is no doubt due to the revelations that Santos routinely lied during the 2022 election.

After winning the seat, multiple reports surfaced showing that Santos lied about his education, past employment, and other biographical details, including his religion and how his mother died.

Santos was also accused of bilking a homeless vet out of money raised to save his dying dog. 

The embattled congressman is currently being investigated by both the House Ethics Committee and the Federal Election Commission over his 2022 campaign finances. Additionally, the Securities and Exchange Commission also interviewed two individuals concerning Santos’ role in a firm that shut down two years ago.

After Santos announced his reelection bid, Nassau County Republican Committee chairman Joseph Cairo said the Nassau GOP would not nominate Santos in 2024 “or for any other office.” Calling Santos a “serial liar,” Cairo said the congressman has “disgraced” the House and “deceived the public.”

Santos already faces a primary challenge from Republican Kellen Curry, who announced his campaign earlier this month.