Gardener Breaks Record By Growing 20lb Onion

An English gardener took a nearly 20-pound onion to a North Yorkshire flower show, where its size and weight caused widespread excitement among show organizers.

The previous record for the largest onion was 18.68 pounds, achieved in 2014, but Gareth Griffin’s massive 19.77-pound specimen smashed it.

The onion was uploaded on the Instagram page of the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show, which continues through this coming Sunday at Newby Hall & Gardens, along with a disclaimer noting that Guinness World Records has not yet verified the achievement.

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, local Elk County Foods scales confirmed that Johnsonburg native Jonathan Johnson grew a record-breaking tomato that weighed in at 7.4 pounds, setting a new state record.

In 2015, Paul Fulk had a tomato weighed and set the previous record with 6.83 pounds.
Johnson had never grown huge tomatoes before, but he had his sights set on breaking the state record.

Johnson commented that it was “pretty cool” since it was one of those things where you planned ahead and achieved your objective.

The only thing Johnson has ever grown successfully is enormous pumpkins, but he committed to expanding his tomato crop as far as possible.

The world record tomato, however, was a whopping 11.65 lb (5.284 kg).

The American couple Del and Julie Faust developed this monster tomato from a 9.06 Brown seed. On October 8, 2022, authorities from the Stilwater Harvest Festival in Minnesota confirmed that their tomato was the largest in the world.

The tomato measured a whopping 32.5 inches (82.55 cm) around the outside. It certainly was not the most attractive tomato ever displayed. It looked like something from another planet and was quite unappealing, but that has nothing to do with breaking records.

The new record tomato was far larger than the previous record holder, Dan Sutherland’s 10.8-pound (4.896-kilogram) tomato.