Gaetz Says Dems Will ‘Own’ McCarthy If They Save Him

Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz said on CNN’s “State of the Union” that the Democrats will “own” House Speaker Kevin McCarthy if they save him and block Gaetz’s petition to oust him.

In order to vacate McCarthy as speaker, 218 votes are required.

Anchor Jake Tapper asked Gaetz how many House Republicans were expected to support the move to vacate McCarthy. He noted that the Republicans cannot deliver 218 votes, and Democrats are needed for the ouster.

According to Gaetz, if Kevin McCarthy is still House Speaker when the Tapper hosts the following week’s show, he will be Speaker at the Democrats’ pleasure. The Democratic Party will have him in their pocket. Gaetz stated if Democrats back Kevin McCarthy, he will be Speaker of the House by the end of the week because when ‘you have no core beliefs as Kevin McCarthy does, then anything goes.’

Gaetz said he had little doubt that McCarthy would make a deal with the Democrats.

As Tapper noted, if the user successfully removes him, they will also need to negotiate with the Democrats.

Ironically, Gaetz has promised to work with Democrats but said he will not cave to their demands. In his opinion, the Democrats should cast a protest vote against Speaker McCarthy.

Tapper probed further, wondering if Gaetz would not negotiate with the Democrats.
Gaetz insisted that he would not concede any terms to the Democrats. He feels the Democrats should vote against McCarthy “for free.”

Gaetz said he did not believe any Republicans who agreed with him on Speaker McCarthy would make deals with Democrats, either.

He said he longer feels responsible for Kevin McCarty. They agreed at the end of January that he would accept the speakership. Since he does not tell the truth, he no longer “owns him.”
Gaetz said the Democrats want to acquire influence over Kevin McCarthy by bailing him out. Unfortunately, he could do nothing to stop that from happening. Unfortunately, that means McCarthy will no longer be his Speaker. He would be theirs.