Futuristic Facility Promises To Reverse Climate Change Clock

Over the last several decades in American politics, Republicans and Democrats have battled with each other over many cultural and social issues that have dominated political discourse. While president Bill Clinton famously quipped in the 1990s that “It’s the economy, stupid” that matters most to the majority of American voters when heading to the polls, it appears that economic and financial issues increasingly only matter to one side of the political spectrum. Over the last several decades a massive political realignment has occurred in the United States in which more affluent, wealthy, and urban voters have realigned themselves with the Democratic party while working and middle class voters have begun to shift towards the Republican party. Historically, Democrats had done exceptionally well with working class voters and had relied on these people to form the base of their party.

The truth of the matter is that Democrats have become increasingly collectivist and worked to the detriment of ordinary working Americans in terms of economic policy over the last several years. Democrats have championed the role of government, preferring to increase its size, spend exorbitantly, and impose high taxes and suffocating regulations on the citizenry of the United States. While Democrats have often been supporters of big government and more regulation (which historically resulted in many wealthy business owners and corporate elitists aligning with Republicans), their increased emphasis on the economic promotion of social issues and the intertwining of the two in terms of policy has alienated key voters.

One issue that best summarizes this last sentence is climate change. Democrats across America have routinely pushed for “green” energy alternatives by any means necessary. Democratic governors in states like New Jersey and California have placed bans on the sale of non-electric vehicles by 2035. Recently, a facility in California which aims to suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere has been opened. As third world countries pollute significantly, America innovates nonetheless.