French Riots Have Caused Over 1 Billion In Damages So Far

According to a recent analysis, the riots that have shaken France over the past week have cost French companies over $1 billion

The French industry organization Medef made their assessment after massive theft and burning occurred in France after police shot and killed a 17-year-old kid during an attempted police stop.  In an effort to put an end to the violence, police have detained hundreds of people. 

Officer Florian M. said that when he finally got up to Nahel, he shouted at him to turn off the automobile and banged the window of the vehicle several times to attract his attention.  Florian pointed his gun away from the driver because he was trying not to aim at him. He said that he saw his coworker leaning into the passenger area. Suddenly he felt the car pick up speed.

Reports reveal the officer said he was pinned between the vehicle and a wall, and he shot because he thought the driver would drag his colleague along the ground. 

Nahel’s criminal record included 15 previous charges, five of which were his attempts to evade arrest while driving without a valid license.

According to BFMTV, Florian M. is a veteran who was awarded a medal for bravery and devotion in 2021 for his efforts during an abduction. He has been awarded eight letters of recognition and a medal for internal security for his efforts amid the Yellow Vest protests.

A report showed that 250 tobacco outlets and 300 banks had been destroyed and that Medef had reported looting at roughly 200 enterprises. The estimate likely understates the true cost of the riots since it did not account for the expense of repairing churches and private residences that were also destroyed. 

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire promised assistance for people who had lost their jobs. 

Amid widespread demonstrations, strikes, and social turmoil, French President Emmanuel Macron was photographed enjoying an Elton John concert.  According to reports, Macron was seen among the audience at one of the stops of Elton John’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour at the end of June.