Fox News Owner Is Getting Married 

( Rupert Murdoch, 96 years old and a media mogul and billionaire, is engaged to Ann Lesley Smith, a woman 30 years younger than him. 

According to reports, on St. Patrick’s Day in New York City, Murdoch proposed to Smith, a former police chaplain in San Francisco. On Monday, he announced his engagement in his own publication, the New York Post. 

Murdoch explained the proposal’s timing: “I’m one-fourth Irish.”  

He said he felt a lot of anxiety, for as much as he wanted to experience love, he knew “this would be his final chance.”  

Smith shared in the enthusiasm and shed light on the age gap between the 66-year-old and her 96-year-old fiancée. 

‘I’ve been a widow for 14 years. “My late husband, like Rupert, was a successful businessman,” Smith revealed to the New York Post. 

According to her, her late husband developed radio and television stations, worked for local papers, and promoted Univision. 

Smith said, to put it another way, she could communicate with Rupert. They’re on the “same page philosophically.” 

Smith talked about the level of maturity they each bring to the relationship now. 

She said this “is not my first rodeo” and believes the age of 70 begins the last half of one’s life. She said she waited for the ideal moment to strike, and her friends are “happy for her.” 

Murdoch detailed for his audience the circumstances surrounding his meeting with his new, considerably younger fiancée in Bel Air, California. 

She and her husband “had been in the wine industry” and “had a vineyard,” as Murdoch put it. 

“I met her last year when there were two hundred people visiting my vineyard, and we spoke for a while. After two weeks, I contacted her,” Murdoch said. 

“We’re both looking forward to spending the second part of our lives together,” he said. 

Murdoch’s first wife, Jerry Hall, was a supermodel.