Footage Shows “Drag” Event Impacting Children

Drag queens at a “Pride Party” in Tempe, Arizona, twerked and repeated obscene rap lyrics like “all up on this d**k” and “ride me like a b***h” in front of a crowd that included young children.

Social media posts and videos from the celebration show toddlers wandering the grounds as the “performer,” Brandon “RealXMan” Hale, “sang.”

Rap “singing” is not musical as much as it is a recitation. The words and the beat are the most essential part. There is no escaping the lyrics.

The City of Tempe and Vice Mayor Jennifer Adams promoted and hosted the event.

The Master of Ceremonies was another drag queen named Barbra Seville, who spent much of the evening attacking “insane” conservatives.

Seville went on a political rant about housing, guns, and schools and then folded LGBTQ youth into the list, saying that the protection of people of color, and trans people, are things we “must tackle.”

In October of 2022, state politicians in Texas promised legislative action in response to a viral video showing a vulgar drag queen show performed in front of a young child.

A little boy watched in bewilderment as a drag queen gyrated and lifted his skirt while lip-syncing to a vulgar, sexually explicit song.

The perverted man gyrated to the lyrics, “My p—y good / p—y sweet / p—y good enough to eat. 

Several people stared blankly as they watched the spectacle, billed as an “all ages” drag brunch at Ebb & Flow, a restaurant in Plano. People left a barrage of negative reviews on Yelp.

The tweet of the video was shared thousands of times, prompting Republican senators to begin drafting legislation.

The left believes conservatives are “insane” for drafting legislation that protects children from such “performances.”