Florida Man Crashes Into Jail and Throws Rubber Snakes All Over Floor

On Monday, June 3rd,  a male from Florida who was only wearing a women’s top and no trousers ran amok inside the Martin County Jail, tossing rubber snakes and motor oil all over the place.

Joseph Leedy (40) jumped out of the vehicle, wearing only a blouse, after smashing through the front entrance with his car. He then proceeded to pour motor oil all over the floor and threatened to set it on fire.  Amidst his altercation with the police, Leedy proclaimed his desire to kill everybody while simultaneously throwing the rubber snakes on the floor.

He went on a tirade about how much he hated President Trump and that the devil was forcing him to behave bizarrely.

At a news conference, Chief Deputy John Budensiek reportedly said that paramedics had tried many doses of ketamine to calm him down. But according to the chief deputy, it did not sedate him.

According to Budensiek, deputies had to tase Leedy in order to take him into the jail because he refused to comply with their orders. He repeatedly told deputies that he was told to kill everyone while they interacted with him. His contempt for President Trump, according to Budensiek, was something he continued to express.

The Martin County Jail was Leedy’s last destination after his discharge from Cleveland Clinic Martin South Hospital.

The prison itself remained secure during his whole operation, even though he managed to breach the first door leading to the lobby. The construction of this prison is top-notch. Behind the door, there is a double-walled concrete wall. Budensiek assured everyone that the prison, its employees, and the detainees were completely safe during the whole incident.

Leedy is now facing charges for many instances of aggravated assault against a law enforcement officer, as well as charges for criminal mischief and resisting detention without violence.