Fisherman Who Found Suicide Victim’s Belongings Heard Crying

A fisherman in North Carolina heard sobbing just before the tragic finding of a woman who had committed suicide by shooting herself in a state park.

30-year-old Mica Miller allegedly sobbed for many minutes before the deadly shooting on April 27th, before taking her own life at Lumber River State Park.

The possessions of Miller were found by a fisherman who had been traveling up and down the adjacent river; he had heard sobbing and the fatal gunshot, according to the fisherman.

The fisherman, who preferred to stay nameless, described how he heard a gunshot just before discovering Miller’s fanny pack. It was a wail, the fisherman said. Afterward, a gunshot sounded. That was about two minutes after he first heard the anguish. After the shot, the sobbing abruptly ceased.

In an effort to put an end to rumors that had been circulating online, the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office took to Facebook more than once. Robeson County Medical Examiner Dr. Richard Johnson said that she committed suicide by shooting herself.

When the fisherman saw Miller’s items lying on the bank, he pulled up to the shore. He climbed out  and took stock of his surroundings and felt “something was wrong.”

No one was around.

The fisherman discovered a fanny bag belonging to Miller. Inside were her keys, $500, a bank card, and a driver’s license.

Part of what the coroner had to dispel were the rumors that the fisherman was involved in the shooting.

John-Paul Miller is a pastor and the wife of Miller. After a service at Solid Rock in Myrtle Beach, the 44-year-old pastor broke the news to his congregation in a casual manner that his wife had died. After a battle with mental illness, he claimed, she took her own life.

Online records show that Mica Miller filed for a divorce from her spouse in October. Rumor has it that the lawsuit was dropped on February 13th.

Rumors of John-Paul’s involvement also persist.

Just over a month before she passed herself, on March 22, Miller shared a Facebook video that offered guidance to anybody who may be experiencing an abusive relationship.

She had explained to a police officer that she was “afraid for her life” over a week before she made the video. According to Miller’s two incident reports, someone was tailing her.

John-Paul Miller was served with divorce papers once more on April 25, two days before she discovered death, as stated in Francis’ declaration.

On May 13, the sheriff’s office announced the effect that it had asked the FBI and the US Attorney’s office to help with the investigation into Miller’s death.