Federal Court Block Law Banning Drag Shows In Public

In the contemporary United States, a cultural war continues to rage in classrooms and in corporate centers across the union. While the celebrations which occur annually for “Pride Month” have long since ended in 2023, the issues of gender identity and the promotion of alternate lifestyles remains at the forefront of the tense cultural conflict within the country. Gay marriage was made legal nationwide in 2015, and many individuals felt that this would finally be a turning point in the issue. Despite this, the community continues to openly advocate for their lifestyle to be promoted and “accepted” across all aspects of daily life in the nation and at any cost. In New Jersey, parents are furious the Murphy administration and the Democrat-majority in the state government enacted new “educational” curriculums promoting homosexuality. The new curriculum, is applicable to all grade levels (including students as young as kindergartners).

In schools across America, male students who identify as “transgender” have been permitted to access female locker rooms, and play in female sports events, presenting privacy and health concerns for young women. It appears the movement for the promotion of transgenderism on children may be gaining legal support. Recently, a federal judge ruled that a Texas state law which prohibited sexual actions on public property or when children are present was deemed to be unconstitutional.

The American Civil Liberties Union, or the ACLU, filed a lawsuit against the law last month. It had been signed in June by the Texas governor, Greg Abbott. The judge claimed that the law was unconstitutional because it violated the first amendment and the 14th amendment. The 14th amendment is supposed to protect against discrimination. In this perverse ruling, it appears that pedophilia is protected by the constitution. The Texas law explicitly defined a sexual performance as one conducted by “drag queens”, or transgender individuals attempting to be the opposite sex than the one they biologically exist as.