Fans Outrages Over Ariana Grande’s Jeffrey Dahmer Comments

In the United States, the modern contemporary culture that exists within the nation places a great emphasis on celebrity culture. Indeed, many members of the nation’s youthful generations continue to religiously follow the actions of many figures deemed pop culture Stars, like musicians, artists, singers, songwriters and reality television moguls. Sadly, while many young people can tell you obscure facts about fashion models and athletes, the number of people that are deemed civically literate in the country continues to decline. According to a report by the Annenberg public policy center, Civic scores and basic understandings of the United States federal government and Constitution continue to decrease amongst younger people.

One celebrity figure who is popular amongst many young American women has recently come under Fire after making controversial comments in a recent appearance on an internet podcast. After appearing on the Podcrushed podcast program, Ariana Grande allegedly claimed that as a younger person, she always idolized or to use her exact words was infatuated with serial killers. She claimed that she would like to have a dinner date with Jeffrey Dahmer, a notorious example of the affirmation type of criminals. Grande allegedly had disclosed this information at an earlier date and had claimed that she had told young fans at this was her preference, a very troubling reality. 

To any well informed and casual observer of America’s celebrity culture, though, comments like these are unfortunately unsurprising. It is increasingly apparent that America’s celebrity class is a group of people that many have claimed May possess questionable mental and cognitive stability. Hopefully, more Americans will begin to question the actions of those placed in the public sphere with more scrutiny, especially after the actions of many recent figures. The Harvey Weinstein case is ongoing, and many of the celebrities that may be associated with his activities have yet to be ultimately discovered. Time will tell what becomes of America’s celebrity class.