Faith-Based TV Sees Ratings Skyrocket

Hollywood actress, Candace Cameron Bure, reported that the faith-based Great American Family Network has been experiencing steady growth in viewership, and she heaped praise upon the fans of the channel.

Bure, 47, shared a screenshot of a news release about Great American Media’s increasing ratings on social media on Tuesday. Bure is responsible for creating, producing, and appearing in the programming featured on the channel.

The actress expressed gratitude to her followers on Instagram Story with balloons, confetti, and the words “Thank You.” 

Nielsen Media Research reported that the Great American Family is currently the fastest-growing network on TV in both the second quarter of 2023 and year-to-date 2023. The network has seen the most significant increases in viewership among households and total viewers during both Total Day and Primetime.

Great American Family announced they had the highest growth rate for seven consecutive months, “thanks to their viewers.” 

During an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Bure talked about her choice to join GAF and her intention to share stories with a deeper meaning and purpose through her faith. Bure left Hallmark and joined GAF in December after the network promoted “The Holiday Sitter,” the first original holiday movie featuring a same-sex relationship. The pivot toward supporting the LBGT+ agenda was the motivation for Bure’s departure.

Bure said the people behind the Great American Family were Christians who wanted to encourage faith-based programming and wholesome family entertainment.

She also mentioned that Hallmark had transformed into a very different network since she first began, owing to a change in leadership.

The Full House actress expressed her enthusiasm for joining GAF and creating family-friendly and faith-based content that she and her loved ones enjoy watching. 

Bure said she is always looking for vehicles that inspire viewers to live a life of “purpose.”