Ex-Trump Aide Says Time Is Running Out To Stop Him

Former President Donald Trump has many detractors, some of which used to be loyal to him.

Now, one of those former aides is saying that she’s worried that there isn’t much time left for those like her who wish to stop him in his tracks.

One of Trump’s former aides, Alyssa Fara Griffin, urged all prominent Republicans throughout the country to endorse any GOP candidate for president other than Trump as the 2024 primary season draws closer.

Appearing on the Tuesday episode of “The View” TV program on ABC, Griffin said the “window is closing” for those who wish to prevent Trump from winning back the White House.

Ever since he launched his bid for the White House not long after the 2022 midterm elections, Trump has taken complete control of the GOP race. Even though there were many Republican candidates who initially filed to run for president – including some very well-known ones – Trump has always enjoyed quite a healthy lead over them.

He has been able to maintain that lead over the last year, even as he’s skipped each of the three GOP primary debates that have been held thus far.

At the same time, the list of candidates running against Trump is shrinking, too. Over the last few weeks, both Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina and Mike Pence – Trump’s former vice president – have suspended their campaigns.

During her appearance on “The View” this week, Griffin said that the agenda that Trump has “is scary enough already,” and warned viewers that “it’s time to wake up.”

Griffin, who served in the Trump administration as the director of strategic communications, added:

“I implore Tim Scott and Mike Pence, my friends that I think highly of, you need to endorse somebody other than Donald Trump, because the window is closing.”

Even if they were to do that, though, it’s a longshot that another GOP candidate would be able to overtake Trump to defeat him in the primary. All preliminary polling for the GOP primary shows that Trump holds a lead of double digits over all of his Republican challengers.

In addition to that, polling that has been conducted in recent weeks has revealed that Trump has an edge over his likely Democratic challenger in the general election, President Joe Biden, in a few of the key swing states.

Stack Data Strategy released a new survey on Monday that predicted that Trump would win the presidential election by 292-246 electoral votes against Biden. That survey also showed that the former president is currently ahead of Biden in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona – which are the four states that had the closest margin of victory for Biden during the 2020 presidential election.

Since she resigned from the Trump administration in December of 2020, Griffin has often criticized Trump in public. She recently posted to the social media platform X:

“Terrifying to think [Trump] may be POTUS again.”