EV’s Cause Significantly More Tire Wear Says Experts

Electric Vehicles (EVs) produce 20% more pollution than their gas-powered counterparts, experts say. The problem is found in the tires, which because of the excess weight of EVs, send more particles into the air. Nick Molden, founder and CEO of Emissions Analytics, said, “The thing about electric motors is they have the ability to accelerate very fast. If you put together that and how heavy the vehicle is, that is what creates the additional wear on the tire.”

The International Union for Conservation of Nature adds that tires are the second-highest source of microplastic pollution in our seas and argues that while people spend vast amounts of money on large EVs, a small gas-powered car is better for the environment.

Meanwhile, Tesla, the world’s largest manufacturer of EVs, is recording record sales thanks to a tax incentive introduced by the federal government. In the three months leading up to June, Tesla delivered 446,140 cars worldwide, an increase of 83% on last year. 

In the push by the Biden administration to meet its target of 50% EVs on American roads by 2030, the federal government is giving tax breaks worth $7,500 to EV buyers, prompting the Tesla increase.

Government ambition in this regard may be optimistic, however, as statistics show Americans are reluctant to move away from their gasoline cars. In January 2023, statistics showed that only 7% of US vehicles were electricity-powered, and the reasons for the slow uptake are highlighted by an American information campaign that describes the primary problems with EVs.

These include a lack of charging infrastructure, a high initial cost, long charging times and limited range, limited selection and repair options – including lack of expertise and available parts, low resale value, limited battery life and the potential for battery fires, and difficulty driving in cold weather. According to carsofelectric.com, battery performance decreases in bad weather, sometimes to the point where the car does not function at all.