Drew Barrymore Rushed Offstage Over Possible Threat

According to reports, actress Drew Barrymore was taken away from a chat with performer Reneé Rapp after an alleged stalker stormed near the stage and demanded to speak with her.

Entertainment gossip outlet TMZ has a video of Barrymore being removed off stage at a 92nd Street Y panel when a guy interrupted her conversation with singer Rapp about her forthcoming album “Snow Angel.”

In his introduction, the stranger introduced himself as Chad Michael Busto and said that Barrymore knew who he was and he needed to meet her.

Security guards came rushing in to remove the stalker. The man attempted to enter the stage, but they stopped him. Rapp became visibly anxious as she watched. She then got up and decided to lead a stunned-looking Barrymore offstage.

The guy left an impression that Barrymore is familiar with him, but it is unknown whether they have ever met.

According to TMZ’s sources, the incident went unreported, and Busto’s actions did not lead to a complaint or an arrest.

Busto, who was arrested for purportedly stalking Drew Barrymore at her Long Island farmhouse, was released from custody last Friday by a judge, who was required to do so in accordance with state regulations that alter bail procedures.

According to a California-based media outlet, Busto was charged with stalking in the fourth degree, which is a felony that no longer requires bail owing to legislation passed in 2019 that prohibits the practice for the majority of misdemeanors.

Busto, who has an extensive criminal history and was wearing a pink Hawaiian shirt and a hooded sweat jacket, had a GPS ankle tag attached to him so that his position could be tracked at all times.

He explained to the court that he had no money and was staying in a homeless shelter.
According to the report, Busto has been taken into custody for various offenses, including trespassing, indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, and other offenses, in California, Florida, Georgia, and Minnesota.