Donald Trump: “Our Country Is Going To Hell”

On Thursday, Donald Trump released a video responding to his indictment, claiming the decision to move forward was “election interference at the highest level.”

In the video, Trump states that, very sadly, the nation is in decline, and the popular president is being targeted.Trump believes the latest indictment against him is similar to the Russia hoax and other similar situations. After a scheme like the Steele Dossier is uncovered, who can blame him?

Trump indicated that it has happened for seven years, and his enemies can’t stop their actions. He said these actions constitute the most severe form of election interference. 

He noted that the Mueller investigation concluded with no evidence of collusion after two and a half years and reminded that the Democrats who set it up were Hillary Clinton supporters, but “that’s what they do.”

Trump, dejected, said It would benefit the country if individuals focused on honesty and integrity- they would have the potential to improve and achieve great things.

The presidential candidate stated he was being targeted because his campaign led in the polls against both Biden and the Republicans. He also claimed that his opponents used war warfare tactics to stop his movement.

Trump said our nation is in a state of decline, it’s “going to hell,” and the Justice Department and FBI are targeting Donald Trump with warfare, and we must stop this as it is causing great harm to our nation.

Trump claimed that the charges against him were fake and that the situation was hoaxed. He also stated that it was election interference. He said they were attempting to ruin his reputation to secure a victory in an election.

He stated that he was innocent and did not do anything wrong, and it is very unfair, but that’s how it is.