Disturbing Video Reveals Innocent Man’s Murder

A retired police chief, 64-year-old Andreas Probst, was tragically killed while cycling near his residence in northwest Las Vegas by a driver in a stolen 2016 Hyundai Elantra. Disturbingly, the crime was recorded, confirming suspicions that it was deliberate.

Two individuals in the stolen vehicle filmed the horrifying episode and an earlier hit-and-run. They can be heard laughing maliciously and stating their intent to strike Probst, who, according to his daughter, radiated warmth and positivity akin to “a ray of sunshine.”

The authorities are pursuing this case with utmost seriousness. The Clark County District Attorney’s Office stated on Monday their intent to charge the juvenile perpetrator as an adult. The 17-year-old currently faces an open murder charge in the juvenile system, with potential additional charges on the horizon.

If found guilty of first-degree murder as an adult, the teenager could be sentenced to 50 years in prison, a lifetime sentence in Nevada State Prison, or even capital punishment. A second-degree murder conviction would carry a 25-year sentence or life imprisonment.

Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson expressed confidence that justice would prevail once investigations conclude and charges are decided.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department announced on Monday that they’re still looking for the second individual involved, who appears to have recorded the tragic event. As per The Blaze, a separate video shows the teenagers deliberately crashing into a white sedan at around 6 a.m. near North Tenaya Way and West Centennial Parkway.

Shortly after that incident, they noticed Probst cycling in a bike lane. They discussed and then chose to hit him, laughing and honking the horn as they did so. After striking Probst, they sped away.

Probst was declared deceased after being rushed to the University Medical Center.

Dr. Scott Bonn, a Las Vegas criminologist, mentioned to the Review-Journal that this violent act brings to mind the “knockout game,” where attackers harm unsuspecting individuals, sometimes leading to fatalities. Given the nature of this crime, Bonn feels that trying the 17-year-old as an adult is justified.