Disney+ Series Reboot Cancelled Over Steamy Script

A “raunchy” plot featuring the return of Hilary Duff’s eponymous character, Lizzie McGuire, had already filmed two episodes before it was canceled.

Lizzie McGuire is a New York City interior designer in the reboot’s first episode.

But, after discovering her chef boyfriend’s infidelity with her closest friend, she hastily returned to California. She reconnects with her long-lost crush, Ethan Craft, upon her return to the house she lived in as a youngster.

Jonathan gave reasons for believing that Disney+ passed on the third episode of the Lizzie McGuire animated series in a TikTok video.

He mentioned that while episode three was not filmed, a screenplay was written. A water polo t-shirt-clad Lizzie awakens in Ethan’s bed. The shirt is his. An animated version of  Lizzie pops up with a “to-do” list that includes Ethan, which she proceeds to cross off. Then, she is to cross it off again.

After considering the statement on specific plot points and Disney’s discomfort with them, Jonathan concluded that this scene was probably one of concern.

Even if there wouldn’t have been any explicit content in the episode, the mere suggestion of it may have been enough to kill the script.

When asked about the upcoming storylines, Disney+ said that Lizzie McGuire fans have high expectations and have chosen to postpone the planned series until they can live up to those expectations.

Hilary Duff came clean about her conversation with Disney+ in 2020, where she had expressed her desire for the show to focus on an adult version of the iconic character.

Lizzie, a 30-year-old adjusting to life in New York City and her new career as an apprentice decorator, was supposed to be the program’s focus, which reunited original creator Terri Minsky. She said it seemed as if she were doing things befitting a 30-year-old. She didn’t have to have one-night stands and bong rips constantly, but it had to be genuine. In the interview with Women’s Health, the pop icon expressed the belief that Disney was scared because of the reboot’s adult nature.