Disney Accused Of Going “Woke” With New Song

Reports reveal that composer Alan Menken has confirmed that Disney has rewritten the lyrics of two songs in the forthcoming “The Little Mermaid.”

Songs like “Kiss the Girl” and “Poor Unfortunate Souls,” which were originally included in the animated movie in 1989 and will be reworked for the live-action version, will have new lyrics and music. Late lyricist Howard Ashman and composer Alan Menken created both.

Menken explained that “Kiss the Girl,” performed by Sebastian the crab, was altered so that viewers would understand that Prince Eric wouldn’t ever push himself on Ariel, the mermaid.

As some listeners may find the suggestion that Prince Eric might want to impose himself on Ariel offensive, the composer has altered the song’s lyrics.

Menken told the media that there were adjustments in ‘Poor Unfortunate Souls’ about phrases that could make young females believe that they shouldn’t talk out of place, even though Ursula is influencing Ariel to give away her beautiful voice.

According to Inside The Magic, fans of Disney have every reason to be enthusiastic about the next six months, as the company has revealed some massive improvements to the Disney Parks. 

The report suggests fans should be excited, but only with a healthy dose of caution, since all the new rides, Meet & Greets, and experiences are certain to draw large crowds. This isn’t simply Disney throwing a huge party to close the year. It’s a last-ditch attempt.

Inside The Magic suggests fans are well aware of Disney’s precarious position this year. Fans may not appreciate how hard Disney has it due to issues including mass firings, terrible conduct by guests, an ongoing spat with Governor Ron DeSantis, not to mention the colossal disaster called the Star Wars Starcruiser Hotel. Disney’s 100’s Story World would be the first thing to do for damage control.

The report believes that all of these upcoming announcements for the coming six months might be clear coverups for Disney’s recent problems.