DeSantis Takes Hard-Liner Stance On Gaza Issue

During an interview with CBS News’ Margaret Brennan on “Face The Nation,” she asked Florida Governor Ron DeSantis about Israel’s preparations for a ground attack against Hamas. He claimed Israel had taken the necessary procedures to safeguard people inside of Gaza.

DeSantis commented in response to Brennan’s question on what he would tell Israel to do to distinguish those among legitimate targets and civilians.

DeSantis said Israel had the right to use all necessary means to protect itself. It means wiping out Hamas entirely, including all their terrorist support structures. Israel has issued warnings to citizens in areas where military actions would be taking place, advising them to evacuate the area. Hamas is asking those people to remain to use them as shields.

According to former President Trump in his lengthy opinion piece in Newsweek, the terrorist attacks in Israel are an awful reminder that the globe is safer when the United States is strong and that the consequences of having weak leadership in office may be much worse than anybody could have imagined.

The US must learn from these horrible killings to stop innocent bloodshed. As we mourn for the Israeli people and provide our full support, we must also address the Biden administration’s ineptitude and stupidity, which allowed this vile and fatal attack on civilization. Biden is only skilled at using the judicial system against his rivals in politics.

Joe Biden has always backed and strengthened America’s foes worldwide, especially Hamas and Iran’s ruthless dictatorship.

Trump explained that Iran was financially crippled and diplomatically desperate when he left office. He warned China and other countries that doing business with the United States would be impossible if they continued to import oil from Iran. Almost everyone went along. The terrorist dictatorship in Iran was rapidly approaching insolvency, losing money, and unable to pay even the wages of radical Islamic ghouls (Such as Hamas).

Trump contributed to a historic drop in oil exports from Iran. But since Biden took office, he relaxed Trump’s sanctions, and Iran now produces over three million barrels daily. Under Trump’s administration, Iran’s economy barely broke even, but it is bringing in no less than $80 billion annually under Biden.