DeSantis Raises $15M in 3rd Quarter Fundraising

Since the sitting president of the United States Joe Biden entered the oval office in January of 2021, he has presided over an unprecedented period of economic, social, cultural and international crises and failures for the nation. At home, rampant inflation soared to levels not experienced since Jimmy Carter was president in the 1970s, and gas prices continue to remain well above the $3 mark. The struggling American middle class, whose wages had effectively remained stagnant as the cost of living has risen over the last several decades, has been severely hurt by these realities. At the southern border, millions of illegal migrants are estimated to have infiltrated the nation since Biden took office in January of 2021 and reversed policies that had been enacted by the Trump administration which appeared to have been working. Internationally, a growing hostile environment has dominated global politics. In the summer of 2021, Biden botched the American withdrawal from Afghanistan, and 13 U.S. servicemembers were killed. Russia invaded Ukraine in eastern Europe in 2022, and China, which has been strengthening its ties to the Kremlin via trade, has continued to seriously challenge U.S. dominance in the pacific. Hamas invaded Israel days ago and killed over 1,000 innocent civilians; in truth, things are bad in every regard for humanity.

While Biden remains unpopular, the GOP presidential primaries continue to rage on. While the field of candidates remains clustered, Donald Trump, the former 45th president, remains the clear party frontrunner, enjoying a high double digit over his nearest challenger, the governor of Florida Ron DeSantis. Trump is by no means an electable candidate; he is viewed poorly by a vast majority of Americans and faces four criminal indictments.

In recent days, DeSantis has been attempting to generate monetary support for his campaign. In the latest report by the Hill, DeSantis generated $15 million in the last quarter ahead of the early stages of the Iowa caucus.