Dems Stand Behind Biden Campaign But 2024 Far From Certain

According to a survey conducted by the New York Times and Siena College, President Joe Biden is in slightly better shape to run for reelection in 2024 than he was a year ago, with his popularity rating on the rise and once-skeptical Democrats now rallying behind him.

The political peril in which Biden found himself last year, as 2/3 of Democrats preferred a different candidate, may be behind him now. Still, almost half of Democrats would rather have someone else as their nominee.

Biden faces many red flags. Biden’s popularity rating is at a dismal 39%, with a voting populace generally optimistic about America’s future and supportive of his policies.

The report shows even though Trump faces indictments and additional possible charges in the future, the survey showed him to have a strong lead among prospective Republican primary voters, putting him in a statistical dead heat with Joe Biden.

Emerson College Polling found that in a hypothetical rematch of the 2020 election, former presidents Donald Trump and Joe Biden were even in Michigan, but that Trump took the upper hand when Cornel West, Green Party presidential candidate,  was added to the field.

The poll, issued on Friday, indicates a dead heat between Trump and Biden. 5 percent of respondents do not know, and 8% would vote for someone else. 

Including West causes a reduction in support for Biden to 41%, an increase in favor for West to 4%, and a widening gap between Trump and Biden to 43%. Four percent more support someone else, and eight percent are still unsure. The survey also suggests that Trump is well ahead of his Republican primary rivals. 

According to the most recent data from the AAA, the national average price of a gallon of gas was $3.89 last week, the highest since October 2022.  

According to a report, gas prices in several areas have hit between $5 and $5.07 per gallon.

However, President Joe Biden said the economy is doing great because of “Bidenomics.” It’s no surprise the voters want him out.