Democrats Shattered After GOP Pushes Antisemitism Resolution

In a powerful display of unity, the House of Representatives passed a resolution on Tuesday denouncing the alarming increase in antisemitism worldwide, triggered by Hamas’ unprecedented attack on Israel. This vote, however, created divisions among Democrats, with some accusing Republicans of exploiting Jewish suffering for political gain.

With a vote of 311-14-92, the resolution reaffirms the House’s unwavering support for the global Jewish community. It calls on elected officials and world leaders to condemn antisemitism, reject all forms of hate, discrimination, and harassment against Jews, and unequivocally state that anti-Zionism is a form of antisemitism.

Despite a last-minute appeal from prominent Jewish Democrats urging their caucus to vote “present” on the legislation, the resolution was ultimately approved. Ninety-two members opted to abstain from voting. Representatives Jamie Raskin, Jerry Nadler, and Dan Goldman criticized the resolution, characterizing it as yet another effort by Republicans to exploit Jewish suffering for political gain. They contended that the resolution oversimplified the intricacies of Judaism and neglected to recognize anti-Zionist factions such as the Satmar movement, which opposes Zionism without espousing antisemitism.

Thirteen Democrats, including Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ilhan Omar, voted against the resolution, while Representative Thomas Massie stood as the sole Republican opposing it.

The resolution comes in response to a surge in antisemitic incidents reported by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) since the Hamas attack on October 7. The ADL documented a 388 percent increase in reports of harassment, vandalism, and assault, with 190 incidents directly linked to the Israel-Hamas conflict out of a total of 312 recorded between October 7 and October 23.

This resolution is the latest in a series of legislative actions taken by the House to demonstrate solidarity with Israel following the devastating Hamas attack, which claimed the lives of approximately 1,200 people. Sadly, the offensive continues, resulting in an estimated 15,000 casualties in Gaza.

In a previous resolution, the House called on Hamas to release all hostages immediately while also passing resolutions condemning the support of Hamas and Hezbollah on college campuses, as well as expressing support for Israel and condemning Hamas.

The House of Representatives’ resolute stance against antisemitism sends a clear message of support for the Jewish community worldwide. The resolution strives to promote unity, understanding, and peace by condemning all forms of hate and discrimination.