Democrat Loses Race After Scandal Goes Public

The Democratic candidate for Virginia’s 57th House of Delegates seat, Susanna Gibson, has lost all hope in declaring a victory and has conceded the contest. The revelation of an embarrassing adult tape brought widespread attention to the election.

According to the findings from Decision Desk HQ, Republican businessman David Owens beat Gibson, a nurse practitioner, in the close district outside of Richmond.

Gibson said we must fight for better healthcare for everybody, to guarantee that children have a better education, and to safeguard women’s right to control their bodies. In a statement on Thursday, Gibson said that despite the setback, she will not be deterred in her quest for the seat.

She said she would not “give up easily, and defeat is not an option.” She said in the future, she will look forward to fighting with everyone.

In September, it was reported that Gibson and her husband had, during an explicit adult livestream on the Chaturbate website, asked viewers to make donations.

In a statement made in September, Gibson said the tape distribution would neither scare them nor force them to remain silent.

She said when it comes to silencing women who speak up, her political opponents and their Republican friends will stop at nothing—including committing a sex crime—to silence her and her family.

Flyers distributed last month by the Virginia Republican Party warned recipients not to read them if they were under 18. The Republican Party of Virginia is listed as the sender and payer on the corner of the postcard.

Supposedly, the fliers feature stills from Gibson videos.

On Wednesday, with 100% of precincts reporting, Owens declared victory. He had a lead of over a thousand votes.

After winning HD-57, he took to X (previously Twitter) to express his gratitude, saying he would get to work to bring about the cooperation, sensible leadership, and timely assistance he pledged to deliver.