Dem Lawmaker Sows Doubt On Hunter Biden Guilty, Certainty On Trump

Democratic Rep. Madeleine Dean from Pennsylvania told CNN there may not be enough evidence against Hunter Biden to justify the appointment of a special counsel, but she is certain of the guilt of Donald Trump. Host Jessica Dean asked the Congresswoman what she thinks about appointing a special counsel to investigate the President’s son. Dean replied, “I can’t judge whether it was the right move because, certainly, we don’t have the evidence. But I will judge the fact that this is not at all equivalent to what we’re talking about with Donald Trump.”

She went on to state that Trump arranged for people to fly around the country and try to steal the election.

US Attorney General Merrick Garland announced on August 11 that a special counsel would investigate the business activities of Hunter Biden. Marland said he decided to make the appointment following a request from Prosecutor David Weiss, who has spent years looking at allegations against Hunter Biden.

“The appointment of Mr Weiss reinforces for the American people the department’s commitment to both independence and accountability in particularly sensitive matters,” Mr Garland said.

The investigation comes alongside a Congressional probe into allegations that President Biden was involved in helping his son’s foreign business associates while he was Vice President. The House of Representatives House Oversight Committee has heard testimony from a long-term business partner and friend of Hunter Biden, Devon Archer.

Mr. Archer said the Vice President joined board meetings by speakerphone on around 20 occasions, including a meeting of directors of Burisma – a Ukrainian energy company that paid Hunter Biden millions of dollars despite him having no experience or expertise in the energy sector. Archer said, however, that he saw no evidence that the Vice President steered policy in favor of his son’s business interests.

Former President Donald Trump was indicted by prosecutor Fani Willis in Georgia on August 14. It is the fourth set of criminal charges handed down to Mr. Trump since leaving office.