Dem Lawmaker Encourages Biden Challengers To Rise Up

Rep. Dean Phillips, a Democrat from Minnesota, has publicly encouraged anyone interested in challenging President Biden in the 2024 Democratic primary to “take the chance.”

Speaking on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Phillips expressed his admiration for Biden but stressed the need for him to “pass the torch” to the next generation of leaders.

“I would like to see a moderate governor, preferably from the heartland and one of the four states crucial for Democrats,” he explained. He added, “Whether it’s Joe Manchin, Cornel West, or someone else, we have primaries for this reason.

It doesn’t weaken the chances of re-electing a Democrat to the White House. I’m actively encouraging, even imploring, those who feel it’s time to step forward to seize the opportunity.”

Lisa Boothe of Fox News discussed the dilemma for Democrats, who, according to recent polls, seem eager for a new nominee but are wary of being “stuck” with Vice President Kamala Harris.

“I’ve seen a poll where 50 percent of Democrats want a different nominee, maybe up to 75 percent. They’d love to replace Biden, but that leaves them with Kamala Harris, creating an interesting situation,” she said on “The Big Weekend Show.” Boothe further emphasized Harris’s unpopularity, comparing it to Dick Cheney’s and highlighting the challenge it presents for the party. She also noted that the Democratic Party is reluctant to encourage a third-party run, fearing it might cost them the election.

Co-host Joe Concha expressed skepticism about anyone from Biden’s party challenging him, especially since the DNC announced that the president would not debate. He reflected on a New York Times focus group: “All 12 participants, 2020 Biden voters, thought he wasn’t a strong leader and were disappointed by his presidency. However, they all said they’d vote for him again in 2024.” Concha concluded that people tend to vote against candidates rather than for them, something the Democrats might be counting on.

Two independent voters shared their thoughts with the Times, indicating their 2020 vote was less about supporting Biden and more about opposing other options. Donnia, a 62-year-old from Illinois, said, “I voted against Trump.” Similarly, Claudia, a 28-year-old from Florida, described her vote for Biden as choosing the “lesser of two evils.”