Dan Bongino Releases Damning Biden Tapes: “Wink, Wink…”

Dan Bongino, a conservative political commentator, has gained significant attention on the internet by featuring a tape where President Biden allegedly assures former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko not to worry about the FBI’s investigation into corruption in Ukraine.

A Twitter user shared a clip from Bongino’s show, emphasizing Biden’s supposed involvement in corrupt activities with Ukraine. 

The retweet claimed, “Here’s the tape of corrupt, compromised, criminal Biden attempting to conceal his corruption in Ukraine.”

Bongino asserted that Poroshenko, whom Biden allegedly extorted, had an associate named Onyshchenko. 

Shortly after Trump’s victory in 2016, Onyshchenko, a Poroshenko aide, offered the Department of Justice (DOJ) incriminating evidence regarding Biden’s conversations with Poroshenko. 

Bongino promised to play the evidence shortly. He further speculated that the information provided by the aide ended up with Andrew Weissmann, who may have buried it all.

Expressing his sarcasm, Bongino remarked that it seemed as if Weissmann wanted the evidence to disappear. He sarcastically noted how wonderful it is that we have a Department of Justice in this country.

According to Hans, Bongino highlights a shocking revelation. 

After Poroshenko’s aide exposed the situation, he asked Biden whether the aide was cooperating with the FBI. 

Astonishingly, Biden assured Poroshenko that the FBI was not pursuing the matter. Bongino quotes the aide, questioning how Biden could have been aware of such information.

Bongino plays a tape featuring a conversation between Biden and the Ukrainian president. 

In the recording, Biden expresses concern about Onyshchenko potentially exposing his involvement in a bribery scheme to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI. 

Biden appears particularly anxious about the money trail, as he knows he and his family received payments from Ukraine through various shell companies, some of which were connected to PrivatBank. 

Bongino suggests that Biden is fearful that if Trump assumes office, he might engage in business with Ukraine, provide them with aid, and start asking uncomfortable questions.

Bongino presents very compelling evidence with his tapes that demand attention, dismantling the alleged narrative surrounding Biden and Poroshenko’s collaboration. The content is undeniably significant, leaving little room to question its authenticity.