Cruise Ship Fails Surprise Health Inspection

A cruise ship with a Jimmy Buffett motif was deemed unfit by health authorities earlier this month.

During an unannounced health inspection on May 1, Margaritaville at Sea Paradise was found to be lacking in compliance.

The Vessel Sanitation Program (VSP) was in charge of the inspection.

Shipboard inspection results reveal an 83, as detailed in the incident report posted on the CDC website. This test requires an 86 to pass.

The study raised a few sanitary issues regarding the ship’s food and beverages. The investigator was particularly concerned about whether crew members had cleaned their hands before handling food.

In order to stop the transmission of bacteria and germs that might cause food poisoning, it is essential to wash one’s hands thoroughly before touching any food or drink.

Pathogens such as norovirus, Salmonella, and E. coli may be present on the hands and can cause food poisoning and other foodborne illnesses. During handling and preparation, these pathogens may readily spread from dirty hands to food and beverages.

According to the investigation, the staff member responsible for handling the ice machines’ components allegedly kept their gloves with tools.

Additionally, the investigator discovered water bottles resting on dirty surfaces, and facilities used for food preparation were either dirty or had inadequate lighting. Staff members failed to show that they knew how to use chemicals to clean vegetables.

The CDC determined that the crew member responsible for cleaning the produce and submerging it into antimicrobial liquid lacked the ability to accurately test the chemical content. Because they were unfamiliar with what constituted a valid test result, the crew member was unable to utilize a test strip accurately to confirm the solution’s concentration.

According to the CDC, several deep fryers, a freezer, and numerous refrigerators were found to be inoperable.

According to a representative from Margaritaville at Sea, they quickly implemented fixes after the inspection.

A statement said that the shortcomings detected in the inspection had been promptly addressed by taking remedial steps in accordance with organizational rules. They will collaborate with United States Public Health to conduct a re-inspection without delay after resolving several of the concerns.