Cops Discover Terrorist Lab After Man Calls Ambulance

A court recently heard that after a 911 call for help with breathing problems, police were informed of emergency crew findings and subsequently stormed the laboratory a man had set up in his shed and discovered explosives and poison.

The call was made by Whittaker of Caddington, Bedfordshire, on April 18, according to prosecutor Sally-Anne Russell. Police investigators stormed a brick shed at the rear of Whittaker’s property 18 days later.

According to what was reported before Westminster Magistrates’ Court, 31-year-old Harry Whittaker was taken into custody after he summoned emergency medical services to the residence he shared with his mother, claiming to have been involved in chemical handling.

According to what was revealed at Tuesday’s session, cyanide and two explosive devices were discovered.

Whittaker faces four charges of illegally having an explosive material and one count of possessing a regulated chemical without a license (potassium cyanide). He showed up in the dock wearing a gray tracksuit that was issued to inmates and without a beard.

The defendant contacted an ambulance service on 18 April to report respiratory issues, according to prosecutor Russell, who informed the court that the initial investigations started after he said that he had worked with several substances and even gave a rundown of 27 of them.

She said that the defendant’s “laboratory” is a little brick structure situated at the back of the yard. He and his mother reside in a three-bedroom home in Luton. On the wall, you could see a massive printout of the periodic table.

‘A lengthy interest in chemistry’ was how she characterized Whittaker.

Judge John Zani of the district court remanded Whittaker to jail and ordered a trial in crown court on all five counts.

Sergeant Dominic Murphy, who is in charge of the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command, said that the search of the residence was now over.

Murphy said the local community has been very supportive and understanding while they carry out their work. They kindly request that no one make any other remarks or speculation on this issue at this time to allow the criminal justice process to unfold.