Cops Arrest “Influencer” After Store Robbery

A TikTok star with over a million followers was detained by police in Mexico City as part of their probe into an armed robbery of a jewelry store.

The Attorney General of Mexico City has announced that Marco “N” and Yulissa “N” were taken into custody in connection with the investigation into the robbery that occurred on Monday. 

According to reports, a gang of robbers spent 8 to 10 minutes smashing through the bulletproof glass at a jewelry store in Mexico City’s posh Polanco neighborhood.

Armed security at the mall did not interfere or dial 911, and the masked guys allegedly snatched 15 high-end watches before making their getaway.

According to reports from the Secretary of Citizen Security, Omar Garca Harfuch, on that day, a gang of four armed with sledgehammers, axes, and weapons raided the exclusive store and left with 15 Rolex watches for a total of around 1,700,000 pesos.

Garca Harfuch denied in a press conference on Wednesday morning that Yulissa Mendoza was involved in the heist, but he did not back down from his claim that she was caught alongside her accomplice with drugs.

After the arrest, photos of Marco “N” and Yulissa were made public, sparking debate online because the self-proclaimed “Chakatoker” did not look like her imagery online.

Yulissa’s photo was widely shared on social media, where her fans and detractors quickly realized she uses filters to look attractive and gain followers.

Commenters criticized her weight, lack of cosmetics, and the size of her navel, with others claiming that the “big difference with and without a filter” proves that “the filter is the second disguise.”

According to the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office (FGJ), Marco “N” and Yulissa “N” have been placed in preventive detention for their possible involvement in the crimes of carrying a firearm for the exclusive use of the armed forces, crimes against health in its modality of drug dealing; and bribery.